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About Henderson

Henderson Lightbody was born on the 29 March 1937, the sixth child of seven to George and Mary Lightbody. His full name is John Henderson Lightbody; John after his Mother's brother and Henderson after his Mother's grandfather Henderson. His parents decided to call their sixth child the Christian name Henderson, Henderson Lightbody`s working life started off as a clerical officer with British Rail as it was called back in the 1950`s. He was employed with British Rail for almost six years; Interrupted by two years in the army during National Service in Malaya, (1955-57).

He was a full - time student of the former Bible Training Institute
in Glasgow. After Graduation he entered full-time ministry as a
church pastor, then a port missionary with Seaman's Christian Friend Society.
Henderson also studied religious knowledge through the Emmaus Bible School,
Chicago, Illinois USA.

Some year's later he Graduated from Jordanhill College of Education where he completed a course on Community Education Studies, he then joined the Community Education Services and after twenty one years with the C.E.S. he took early retirement in 1992.

Most of his retirement has been spent in writing pursuits including a 90.000 word dissertation on the History and Doctrines of the Christian Religion. (Submitted to Aberdeen University - Highly commended by Professor David S Fergusson) He has also written numerous articles for various local and national newspapers and magazines.

He has also written two books of poetry entitled ; Exit! from the Fast Lane, which is currently in many libraries in Scotland, and the latest book called A Plain Man's Escape. In addition he has also completed a non-fictional book entitled Hunches, Prejudices and Perplexities. Many of his poems have been published by various publishers. Much of his work has received high appraisal in editorial reviews. Henderson  has also written papers on various subjects, including motoring, football, politics as well as religion and Christianity in particular.

Henderson's main attributes have been described as those of philosopher, theologian, poet, writer, psychologist, sociologist, all of these characteristics and more are woven into his work whether its prose or verse . .

  Henderson has been married for forty four years this year 2005, to Margaret an R.G.N. They have six children, three sons and three daughters and seven grandchildren.




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